SMETER: a simple solution for heat loss monitoring.


Next steps for our innovative measurement tool.

For the last 18 months, we have been involved in a BEIS funded research project called ‘SMETER’.

Our project uses data from smart meters to produce a simple analytic report that can be used by homeowners to show their building’s thermal performance.

Heat loss is a major cost. Reducing it is not only more sustainable, but it can also save money and improve living comfort.

Our innovative solution can replace the invasive, co-heating test that is used currently to monitor building performance and instead replace it with a simple, core calculation. Our tests have shown that SMETER can perform very well and we have had positive feedback from our extensive market research.

We are now concluding a final report and we hope to be given access to further funding to continue the development. This would include identifying what parts of a building need thermally upgrading, providing benchmark comparisons, and showing whether occupants are at risk from poor indoor environments.

To learn more, please contact Nick Cullen. Or John Lloyd