Podcast: the Social Contact Pod.


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The Exploration podcast is a place for curiosity, creative thinking and conversation. Each episode, join partner Andrew Bullmore and a variety of guests as they discuss the big topics shaping society, planet, and the built environment.

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In episode three…

…we hear from two key designers of the Social Contact Pod – a collaborative project launched in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The brainchild of Scott Brownrigg’s Design Research Unit, along with support from our firm and Ramboll, the pod will allow families to spend valuable time with loved ones without the risk of contamination.

Together, we discuss what makes this unique pod so special, and how spaces that promote human interaction and connection with our natural environment are likely to become more important than ever.

Our guests.

Felicity Meares, Associate Architect, Scott Brownrigg & Ed Lucas, Associate Engineer, Hoare Lea.