Creating the space to think.


Designing the Future. Our national event.

On Thursday 13 February, more than 250 guests and colleagues joined us for an evening of insight at the iconic Royal Institution in London.

The evening – which was broadcast live to our offices – was hosted by the brilliant Robert Llewellyn and featured a series of interactive Christmas-lectures-style lectures followed by conversation and debate.

We would like to thank our panellists Diana Sanchez Barajas, Tom Cheesewright, Hannah Vickers, Marina Jirotka, Laurence Johnson and Carolyn Ten Holter for their fantastic contribution.

Our thanks are also extended to our guests who took part.

Together, we explored possibilities, challenged conventions, asked questions and sparked a conversation about where we are heading. We know that the realities of achieving our goals are within touching distance. Discussions like this are what makes the unfathomable possible.

Whilst we cannot predict our future, we can collaborate to guide it a positive direction.

The event was a culmination of our local Designing the Future events, which create the space to step out of the day-today and look forward.