We support the Building Performance Network.

Team Sustain

Ashley Bateson & Eimear Moloney, Sustainability Team

Calling for change.

We are passionate about bringing beautiful buildings to life and ensuring that operational performance matches visual impact. However, there is currently no legal requirement for property owners to understand and monitor their building’s efficiency.

We believe…

…there should be a regulatory mechanism that requires operational energy targets to be achieved so we are calling for change.

That is why we are supporting the Building Performance Network’s statement. It asks for:

1.  The operational performance of buildings to be subject to regulatory requirements.
2.  The minimum regulatory requirement to cover energy consumption and carbon emissions, with air quality to be added in the future.
3.  The public sector to adopt operational building performance minimum requirements now.
4.  The government to require building performance disclosure.

We believe that policy must address operational performance and that buildings should be judged on this. Together, we are in a strong position to make a positive impact at a government level.

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