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Our people: Roger Macklin.


Championing energy performance.

We are delighted that Roger Macklin, one of our Associate Directors and member of our in-house Performance group, has recently been appointed Chair of the CIBSE Energy Performance Group (EPG).

The role of the CIBSE EPG is to improve the energy performance of buildings by increasing industry awareness and supporting the implementation of legislation to reduce carbon emissions. Here, Roger shares what the appointment means to him and what he intends to bring to the role.

As Chair, I will be focusing on…

…the reduction of operational energy use in the built environment. Finding ways to reduce energy and lower carbon emissions are defining issues of our time – the future of the planet depends on it.

I am constantly amazed at…

…how little focus is given to actual operation of a building by the construction industry. Building services are key to the operation of the spaces in which people live and work. We need to provide this space in the most efficient and effective way that we can. There is no point designing an efficient building if you can’t make it operate efficiently.

In an average life time, we spend about 70 years indoors. We have a responsibility – we need to make that 70 good years.

I think there’s a revolution happening in the industry…

…it’s driven by data from the environments in which we live. I think it’s really exciting – I’m a bit of a data junkie, especially when it provides evidence that I can use to make improvements to people’s lives.

Some of the best performance projects I’ve been involved in…

…have been with the University of Oxford. Working alongside the facilities management teams, we’ve helped them to get the best out of some pretty complicated buildings. We are also currently working with other clients on integrating different data sets together; this allows us to provide knowledge and insights greater than the sum of the data sets – something that’s very exciting, especially in terms of Smart Cities.

When I am not working…

I am chairman of my local hockey club, which is quite time consuming. I also like talking to my wife!