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Our people: Sean Kielthy.


A specialist in Environmental Lighting.

“I’ve been designing lighting for more than 20 years. During this time I’ve seen a marked shift in caring for the night time appearance and environmental impact of installations. Gone are the days when only a golf driving range raised an eyebrow, now we – quite rightly – want and need to know how all installations affect our eco-system.

The field in which I now work (and sometimes it really is a field!) encompasses taking base-line readings, creating parameter plans to decide the likely footprint of a design, and finally bringing them both together to assess the impact a development will have on its surroundings.”

Sean’s five facts.

  • I designed and aimed the floodlighting at Swansea AFC and the Ricoh Arena, both to FIFA standards.
  • I gained my love of exterior lighting at Thorn Lighting.
  • When I was at GE, I took the lead on rolling out 600+ lighting schemes for Santander retail banking.
  • I’m a member of the SLL – I still remember doing all the calculations by hand!
  • Currently, I’m working on real-time light monitoring projects using bespoke light sensors.