Holding out for a zero.


A zero-carbon built environment.

We are sponsoring the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) in their ambitious Advancing Net Zero programme, which aims to drive construction and property towards a net zero carbon built environment.

The news comes just a week after the IPCC report on the dramatic consequences of global warming beyond 1.5ºC made headlines around the world. The report set out the urgent need for all sectors of the global economy to decarbonise at speed and at scale.

The Paris Agreement.

The UK programme forms part of a global campaign led by the World Green Building Council to create a built environment that is in line with the aims of the Paris Agreement. It will align closely with UKGBC’s advocacy activity with central and local governments and seek to foster international collaboration on achieving net zero carbon.

The Advancing Net Zero programme is launching with an industry task group that will develop a definition for net zero carbon buildings in the UK market. It will bring together businesses, policymakers and industry bodies to build consensus on a way forward for new building standards. Further work in 2019 will focus on improving Scope 3 emissions reporting and sharing expertise on net zero carbon from across Europe.

This programme represents a new chapter in decarbonising our built environment. There will be no more tinkering around the edges; those involved in the programme and the associated commitment will be leading the way in decarbonising our buildings and infrastructure. Only by working together can we achieve the scale and speed of change needed to achieve the Paris Agreement and meet a 1.5-degree target.

Richard Twinn, senior policy advisor, UKGBC

Our Head of Sustainability Ashley Bateson added:

“Our firm is proud to support the UKGBC Advancing Net Zero programme. We will be a leading partner in this ambitious work, forming part of the steering group alongside industry partners Berkeley Group, BAM, and others. We look forward to promoting a more resource-efficient built environment and collaborating with key partners and stakeholders to establish a path to zero carbon development. This initiative is an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in zero carbon development and really have an impact.”