Striving forward in Science & Research.


Navigating a complex and growing sector.

The UK is currently ranked globally as a top investor in research & development (R&D), and Ireland is one of the world’s largest exporters of pharmaceuticals. As you’d expect, the potential for growth in the sector is far-reaching, with companies continuing to invest in order to maintain a competitive edge.

There are some significant drivers that are encouraging big players to invest in R&D for developing new drugs and medicines: from the number of patents expiring every year, and the growth of existing/new generic product manufacturers, to the shift in production from developed countries to emerging economies.

Science & Research has an exciting future in the UK.

In the coming years, the UK and Ireland are likely to maintain and grow their role in the sector as an exporter of ‘know-how’, while countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) establish themselves as key players due to their attractive low labour rates.

It’s important we develop new and existing capabilities and drive penetration into the emerging pharmaceutical and wider cleanroom market – both in the UK and overseas.

A changing landscape.

For me, the draw of the sector is this fast-pace, and the opportunities that come from it. Each facility has its own particular challenges – our experience allows us to challenge whether the client has really got to grips with the processes within a project or is ‘just doing what they have always done’.

Ultimately, the selling point in this evolving sector is being able to design spaces that will facilitate the ‘future’ experiments and research that haven’t even been developed yet…