Moving without waste.


Relocating sustainably.

When we relocated our Bristol office in 2017 it was vitally important to us that we do so with the minimum waste and impact on the environment. With the help of local business Collecteco, we ensured that the contents of our old office would be rehomed and recycled in the most impactful way.

We set out to donate and rehome as much of our furniture, equipment, and office materials to good causes.

In total, 852 large items of furniture and equipment were donated to 20 not-for-profit organisations across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, South Wales, London, and even as far afield as Norfolk! More than 30,000kg of items were reused in this way.

With as many items as possible rehomed, the remaining materials were effectively recycled, and any non-recyclable waste sent to generate electricity.

Zero waste to landfill.

This means that, of our total ‘waste’, 75% of the items were rehomed, 24% were recycled, and 1% were used to generate energy – zero waste went to landfill.

Now as we move into our new premises we can enjoy our environment safe in the knowledge that our relocation minimised waste, and positively impacted local organisations and charities in the process.