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Forging a new future.

Buildings can take anything from a few years to a decade to come to fruition. So, as designers, often our most valuable expertise comes from future gazing.

As an industry, we have to use our collective expertise to create a crystal ball; to understand the cultural and physical circumstances a building might be responding to when it’s eventually completed.

But simultaneously, we can also be the engineers of change: we can be confident in our vision for what that future should, could and will look like.

This is the decade of change: to preserve our planet and to secure a positive future for generations to come.

By the end of this decade, all buildings in Bristol and Bath will be net zero carbon. It’s a target we are determined to deliver – and, importantly, one we know how to deliver. This brilliant commitment will transform our region in a multitude of ways, many of which need to be explored and better understood.

During the next few years we’ll be doing just that: shedding light on the ripples of change that our region can expect as we boldly respond to the climate emergency.

We’re kicking off with a look at what the move to an electric future will mean for both new and existing developments across both cities…

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Our region’s race for power.

Bristol and Bath are booming. They’re cities that have always been exhilarating to work in, but now so more than ever.

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