Our people

Dominic Meyrick


Before coming to Hoare Lea I spent 11 years working in the lighting industry. The fact that Hoare Lea had the foresight to realise that they needed expertise to deliver quality lighting solutions to their clients was a real driver for me joining the firm.

Engineering human experiences.

I still get no bigger buzz than walking into a space that looks fantastic – and the client thinks so too. When we switched on 88,000 colour changing LEDs at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Wow. That was quite something. The fact that we had managed to bring down the energy consumption by over 2000%? Now that was phenomenal.

A defining moment.

I knew the industry was changing forever when I first started to see computers that could render accurate light patterns. The lit impression of a specific lighting design is a difficult thing to communicate, but these machines were enabling us to show clients a glimpse of the future.