Our people

Andrew Somerville


I’ve amassed more than 20 years working on some of the most significant Science & Research projects for organisations such as Cancer Research UK, the Medical Research Council, and the Francis Crick Institute. My work has taken me across the UK and abroad, building strong and lasting relationships with clients, design team members, and contractors.

 Engineering human experiences.

Working in Science & Research I have been involved with projects that can have major positive impacts on people, their health and their quality of life. At Hoare Lea, I help design buildings that support researchers looking to cure some of the biggest health challenges affecting many of our lives currently, including dementia and cancer. To be involved, even in this small way, in supporting the fight to beat these horrible diseases is something I am immensely proud of and know our whole team feels.

Biggest engineering challenge.

I am often called in by clients to resolve issues on projects designed by other MEP consultants when they have gone wrong, with complex MEP issues and challenges being cited in the initial explanation of the project failings. I typically find that the root cause of the issues is poor communication: if the design team communicated better between themselves, they could have been better coordinated; if they communicated better with the client, simpler solutions could have been utilised; and if they communicated better with the contractor, the design would have been better understood. It’s something I feel we can all – across the industry – strive to improve.