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Our People: Phil Pearson.


Rethinking energy!

Phil joined us in January 2021 to build and grow our energy services offering. He will be helping our clients rethink how they use energy in their buildings’ design and operation to generate the most financial value and reach their Net Zero Carbon targets.

I have always worked in energy…

…and cleantech. I’m fascinated by the industry and have been actively involved in the commercial development of industry-standard technologies and practices. In the early stages of my career, I worked in offshore wind, solar and carbon capture, later moving onto demand-side response and battery energy storage.

Most recently, I’ve been designing the technical and commercial frameworks to deploy flexible energy systems…and I’m excited to bring all this knowledge to Hoare Lea at such a vital time.

Energy is a significant contributor…

….to reaching the UK’s future Net Zero Carbon targets; we need to transition away from how energy is currently generated and consumed. This fundamental change will significantly increase the contribution that electricity makes in areas such as transport and heating. This means that there are a whole new set of costs and carbon consequences for building developers, owners, and tenants to manage and optimise within their building’s design and operation.

I work closely with our Utilities & Energy Infrastructure, Performance, Sustainability and MEP teams. Together, we find solutions that benefit our clients by assessing the risks and value that come from how buildings are designed and operated. We guide them through the appropriate investment strategy, which considers the technical, financial, carbon and social impacts of a particular technology.

The next 20-30 years will completely change how we think about energy. As consultants, we advise our clients about designing and operating buildings for the long term, so influencing how they generate and consume energy now will set them up to take advantage of  the changes that will occur.

I’m excited about the future…

…because I will be tackling one of the most significant technical and societal challenges of our generation.

A critical task when addressing change is to educate and involve stakeholders throughout the process. I hope to change how our people and clients think about how energy is generated, supplied and consumed within buildings.