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Our People: Phil Krausbauer.


Finding the right facade access system for every building

I have a varied career background…

…with lots of twists and turns. At school I enjoyed Art and Design & Technology. This combined with my love for science fiction led me to study Design Communication and then Design Futures.

I taught myself computer model making at University and after graduating, I decided to become self-employed, creating models for the advertising industry. I worked on numerous campaigns including some for Brabantia, Lavazza coffee and Eristoff Vodka!

After 7 years…

…I realised that I wanted more opportunity to solve problems through design. I subsequentially studied for a master’s degree in design engineering.

I had a huge success here and even designed an award-winning robotic observation & maintenance platform!

Following this, I considered stepping into Project Management at a sub-contractor firm however feeling overqualified for this position and I was fortunate enough to be referred to Hoare Lea. When I joined, I worked on Vertical Transportation (VT) and Façade Access (FA) projects. But, in 2010 I dedicated all of my time to FA and have since been building up our capacity. I now work with Simon Russett, Matt Grantham-Hill and Ryan Sharland to develop the great team we have now.

I am an Technical Director…

…and I lead the FA team.

I’ve always loved the continuous variety that my work offers…

…whether that be negotiating to secure work, solving complex access problems for our clients or supporting our dedicated FA engineers to deliver great schemes.

I also like to look at the bigger picture and the industry we work in. I’m currently supporting Hoare Lea in its creation of policies and guidance for Wellbeing and Diversity, equality and inclusion. This has always been important to me and I’m happy to be playing my part.

My workdays…

…are incredibly varied. So much so I don’t think I have a ‘typical’ day anymore! I monitor and report on group finances, support the development and recruitment of our people, engage with clients on project matters and opportunities, identify market opportunities and prepare various fee proposals.

The rest of my time is focused on supporting the FA team and projects. I still get my hands dirty on-site from time to time, supporting clients to get the most out of their assets and developing the practical skills of our people.

My specialism is evolving…

… and we have a lot to look forward to. The ever-increasing complexity of architecture and the opportunities it presents to develop bespoke, suspended access equipment is exciting.

I’m hoping to see that as the world races to embrace more automated systems, we find a balance between innovation, while maintaining the quality of care achievable from access systems.

I’m also interested to see how construction materials will evolve to reduce the risks associated with external access.

I’ve worked on many projects…

…but I am particularly proud of Regent’s Place. This is a project that will stay with me for a long time as it was the first complex scheme that I tackled independently. It taught me many lessons and showed me all the little details I needed to consider throughout the design and installation process.

The scheme helped me grow as a consultant. It really was a right-of-passage which set the course for how I encourage our teams to work now.

In my spare time…

…I support my Mum who lives with Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. I encourage her to keep active by helping her get outdoors and see nature. This has led me to volunteer for a charity which helps those living with Dementia by supporting them on walks and holidays.

I’m interested in sustainable architecture and functional interior design. I hope in the future to build my own house. I am hoping to move to a rural location soon, trading location convenience for a garden and I am looking forward to designing my own outdoor space and engaging more in sustainable living.

For the few remaining hours left in a day I love to read fiction, play strategy games, spend time with my niece and nephew or be outside either walking or climbing!